Yield Management

ClearWaterMMS offers your marina team a number of features to assist in maximizing the income from your marina resources:

  • Automated berth allocation
    (based on set criteria)
  • Multiple berthing configurations
    (finger, alongside, rafting, etc)
  • Advanced bookings
  • Pictorial representation
  • Re-use of temporarily vacant berths
  • Daily movement reports
  • Flexible tariff structures

Customer Service

ClearWaterMMS is based around a single screen which displays all the key information required to offer an efficient service to your customers. When looking up their details, the important information is displayed up front with all their other data only a click away. Historical data, detailed information on customers, their boats and accounts, and transaction history can be quickly and easily recalled.

Efficient administration saves a significant amount of time. The time saved can then be used to focus on higher standards of customer service. ClearWaterMMS increases efficiency through:

  • Automated invoicing
  • Reduced errors
  • Email communications
  • Letter writing and standard letter facilities
  • User-friendly, intuitive design and layout
  • Ease of use for occasional users and unskilled operators

Financial Control

ClearWaterMMS offers facilities which reduce costs, increase income and improve cash flow. Automated processes for bulk invoicing, automated reports, and accepting a variety of payment methods all save time. Built-in templates reduce the need for printed stationery. Optional links to recognized accounts packages offer a full range of financial services.

A flexible tariff structure allows customization of pricing - special offers, seasonal rates and loyalty bonuses can all be accommodated.

Aged debts are constantly and immediately available for action.

Decision Support

The comprehensive and well-presented data can be readily analyzed for better decision making. Furthermore, an optional module offers links to tools such as Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access, making data available for custom analysis and reporting.

Use of high-quality and accessible data is invaluable for marketing, justifying capital investment, improving customer service and increasing your market share.

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